Case 14

Submitted by Tonya Kaltenbach, MD

A 52 year old man was diagnosed with pan-ulcerative colitis at the age of 40 when he presented with new onset rectal bleeding, mild anemia and elevated inflammatory markers. He had been well for the past year after he self-discontinued aminosalicylate therapy. However, he recently noted increased stool frequency with intermittent blood.   He undergoes colonoscopy for evaluation.

In addition to describing the extent of disease and the involvement of continuous or skip areas, what features will you assess to describe and score the severity of his Ulcerative Colitis disease activity? (pick the best option) 
Degree of erythema, vascular pattern, friability, erosions and ulcers.
These are the features that make up Mayo Scoring for ulcerative colitis.
Degree of erythema, affected surface, and presence of stenosis
These are some of the criteria that make up the SES-CD score for Crohn's disease.
Degree of ulceration and narrowing at anastomosis
These are some of the criteria that make up the Rutgeerts score.
Degree of villous atrophy and erosions
These are some of the endoscopic findings in celiac disease